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We Are Full Service Manufacturers Representation Agency

In addition to OASM, our sister company, On Air Direct, offers a full array of fulfillment, warehousing & logistics services to accommodate all of your QVC shipping needs.


There are 6 silos of our business which include:

  1. Direct to Consumer Drop-ship

  2. Private Website Fulfillment

  3. Bricks & Mortar Retail Fulfillment

  4. Assembly & Kitting

  5. Reworks

  6. Storage


Not only is it about flawless logistics and delivery, but also the fact that we know and understand distribution today regardless of platform:  broadcast, online and bricks and mortar.


We understand that while we deal in consumer products, fulfillment and logistics it is and will always be a 'people' business. The OAD staff remains unmatched in our industry. Our people not only know warehousing and logistics inside and out, but take the time to learn about your product and your process so we can serve you, your vendors and your consumers to the fullest.



To learn more about On Air Direct please visit us at 

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