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Let Us Help You Grow Your Brand on QVC

OASM partners with QVC merchandising and QVC TV sales to create selling strategies and placement of your product  for maximized exposure of the brand.  Below are some of the services we offer to help your brand become a QVC success story.


1.  Is Your Product Right For QVC


Let us help you evaluate if your product has the key elements for success on QVC. We’re always on the hunt for new and unique products to offer to QVC. Our team of merchandising experts will closely work with you to develop your product line’s optimal positioning, product configuration, and price point. 


2.  Presentation of Your Product to QVC Merchandising


While product will always be king, a successful partnership with QVC is dependent on having a support team that knows how to present your product to the buyer that will best serve your product. We partner with QVC merchandising to develop a winning business strategy to maximize your brand equity.


3.  Manage Your Product Through The QVC Sales Funnel


After getting a green light from merchandising our team will guide you through the steps for a successful QVC launch:


* Securing Purchase Order

* Maneuvering through the Quality Assurance Process

* Partnering with QVC Merchandising and QVC TV Sales to Create A Winning Strategy for the On-Air Sales Presentation

* Securing and Training an Appropriate Guest


4. Create a Strategy to Maximize “On–Air" Sales Presentation


In an effort to maximize the “On-Air” sell presentation our team will create a blueprint for success: 


* Unique Selling Propositions

* Key Demonstrations

* Video and Graphic Support

* Props

* Sell Table

* Life Style Shots or Presentation

* QVC Host Meetings


5. Maximize Future QVC Sales


We partner with you to insure you continue to have brand equity through QVC exposure. We partner with QVC merchandising, QVC TV Sales to insure positioning of your product is always fresh and on trend.  

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